The Complete Python for Hacking and Cyber Security Bundle

Master Hacking and Cyber Security While Learning Python. Beginner to advanced.

"I always recommend Python as a language for security professionals. It's a great easy first language to learn and allows you to create highly functional programs with not much code. Its good for penetration testing, security operations, cyber security roles and general automation of tasks. Learning Python is one of the best ways to grow your skills and advance your career." - Nathan House

What Will I learn?

  • Over 36 hours of on-demand video lectures about Python programming, ethical hacking cyber security
  • Learn 3 topics at the same time - Python programming, ethical hacking and cyber security
  • Start from scratch up to a high-intermediate level
  • Write over 30 ethical hacking and security programs
  • Learn by example, by writing exciting programs
  • Model problems, design solutions & implement them using Python
  • Write programs in Python 2 and 3
  • Write cross platform programs that work on Windows, OS X and Linux
  • Have a deep understanding on how computer systems work
  • Have a strong base and be able to use the skills learned to write any program even if its not related to hacking
  • Understand what is Hacking, what is Programming, and why are they related
  • Design a testing lab to practice hacking & programming safely
  • Interact & use Linux terminal
  • Understand what MAC address is & how to change it
  • Write a python program to change MAC address
  • Use Python modules and libraries
  • Understand what Object Oriented Programming is
  • Write object oriented programs
  • Model & design extendable programs
  • Write a program that can discover all clients connected to the same network
  • Read, analyse & manipulate network packets
  • Understand & interact with different network layers in packets such as ARP, DNS, HTTP ....etc
  • Write a program that can redirect the flow of packets in a network (arp spoofer)
  • Write a packet sniffer to filter interesting data such as usernames and passwords
  • Write a program to redirect DNS requests (DNS Spoofer)
  • Intercept and modify network packets on the fly
  • Write a program to replace downloads requested by any computer on the network
  • Analyse & modify HTTP requests and responses
  • Inject code in HTML pages loaded by any computer on the same network
  • Downgrade HTTPS to HTTP
  • Write a program that can detect ARP Spoofing attacks
  • Write custom made payloads to download a file, execute command, download & execute, download execute & report .....etc
  • Use sockets to send data over TCP
  • Send data reliably over TCP
  • Write client-server programs
  • Write a backdoor that works on Windows, OS X and Linux
  • Implement cool features in the backdoor such as file system access, upload and download files and persistence
  • Write a remote keylogger that can register all keystrikes and send them by Email
  • Interact with files using python (read, write & modify)
  • Convert python programs to binary executables that work on Windows, OS X and Linux
  • Convert evil files into trojans that work and function just like any other file type like an image or a PDF
  • Bypass Anti-Virus Programs
  • Understand how websites work, the technologies used and how to test them for weaknesses
  • Write a program that can discover hidden paths in a website
  • Send requests to websites and analyse responses
  • Write a program that can map a website and discover all links, subdomains, files and directories
  • Extract and submit forms from python
  • Run dictionary attacks and guess login information on login pages
  • Write a program that can discover weaknesses in websites
  • Start a career in Cyber Security
  • Analyze systems for vulnerabilities and security flaws
  • Build secure web applications
  • Use Python to build tools for security analysis
  • Use Python to build general purpose tools
  • Detect and analyze security threats to web applications
  • Be well versed in the current Cyber Security landscape

What are the requirements?

  • Basic IT knowledge
  • No programming knowledge needed
  • No hacking knowledge required
  • No prior experience with Cyber Security required
  • Basic understanding of how the web works will be useful

Course Bundle Description

Welcome to this great course bundle where you'll learn python programming, ethical hacking and cyber security at the same time. The course bundle assumes you have NO prior knowledge in any of these topics, and by the end of it, you'll be at a high intermediate level being able to combine each of these skills and write python programs to hack into computer systems exactly the same way that black hat hackers do. Not only that but you'll be able to use the programming skills you learn here to write any program even if it has nothing to do with hacking. Moreover, you'll know how to write secure code.

The best part about this course bundle is that it is highly practical but at the same time, doesn't neglect the theory.

Andrew Corkill

This is an excellent course that's really a 2 for the price of 1. As well as being a practical hacking course, this would be a great introduction to programming in general as it covers all of the basics. I took Zaid's Ethical Hacking from Scratch course, and that covers how to use existing tools to hack, as well as how to prevent them. This course focuses on implementing your own versions of those tools, and while it doesn't cover as many areas, it focuses on the implementation details so you get a great understanding of what's happening in the background so you can implement your own attacks. That said, it doesn't get lost in details. Zaid does a great job of getting, to the point, delivering concise explanations but always bringing it quickly back to the practical application. I definitely recommend this course after taking Ethical Hacking from Scratch so you get a great overview of Ethical Hacking before diving into the details.

Vando Miguel Pereira

The course is excellent, the explanations are clear and the balance between theory and practice is on point. It went beyond my expectations, totaly recomend this course.


Courses Included with Purchase

Learn Python & Ethical Hacking From Scratch
Start from 0 & learn both topics simultaneously from scratch by writing 20+ hacking programs
Python for Beginners: Learn Python Programming (Python 3)
Learn Python Programming the Easy Way, Complete with Examples, Quizzes, Exercises and more. Learn Python 2 and Python 3.
Jason Cannon
Cyber Security - Python and Web Applications
Learn Cyber Security, build analysis tools with Python, protect systems and web apps from vulnerabilities and more!
Mashrur Hossain

Programming topics:

  • Writing programs for python 2 and 3.
  • Using modules and libraries.
  • Variables, types ...etc.
  • Handling user input.
  • Reading and writing files.
  • Functions.
  • Loops.
  • Data structures.
  • Regex.
  • Desiccation making.
  • Recursion.
  • Threading.
  • Object oriented programming.
  • Packet manipulation using scapy.
  • Netfilterqueue.
  • Socket programming.
  • String manipulation.
  • Exceptions.
  • Serialisation.
  • Compiling programs to binary executables.
  • Sending & receiving HTTP requests.
  • Parsing HTML.
  • + more!

Hacking topics:

  • Basics of network hacking / penetration testing.
  • Changing MAC address & bypassing filtering.
  • Network mapping.
  • ARP Spoofing - redirect the flow of packets in a network.
  • DNS Spoofing - Redirect requests from one website to another.
  • Spying on any client connected to the network - see usernames, passwords, visited urls ....etc.
  • Inject code in pages loaded by any computer connected to the same network.
  • Replace files on the fly as they get downloaded by any computer on the same network.
  • Detect ARP spoofing attacks.
  • Bypass HTTPS.
  • Create malware for Windows, OS X and Linux.
  • Create trojans for Windows, OS X and Linux.
  • Hack Windows, OS X and Linux using custom backdoor.
  • Bypass Anti-Virus programs.
  • Use fake login prompt to steal credentials.
  • Display fake updates.
  • Use own keylogger to spy on everything typed on a Windows or OS X computer.
  • Learn the basics of website hacking / penetration testing.
  • Discover subdomains.
  • Discover hidden files and directories in a website.
  • Run wordlist attacks to guess login information.
  • Discover and exploit XSS vulnerabilities.
  • Discover weaknesses in websites using own vulnerability scanner.

Programs you'll build in this course bundle:

You'll learn all the above by implementing the following hacking programs

  • mac_changer - changes MAC Address to anything we want.
  • network_scanner - scans network and discovers the IP and MAC address of all connected clients.
  • arp_spoofer - runs an arp spoofing attack to redirect the flow of packets in the network allowing us to intercept data.
  • packet_sniffer - filters intercepted data and shows usernames, passwords, visited links ....etc
  • dns_spoofer - redirects DNS requests, eg: redirects requests to from one domain to another.
  • file_interceptor - replaces intercepted files with any file we want.
  • code_injector - injects code in intercepted HTML pages.
  • arpspoof_detector - detects ARP spoofing attacks.
  • execute_command payload - executes a system command on the computer it gets executed on.
  • execute_and_report payload - executes a system command and reports result via email.
  • download_and_execute payload - downloads a file and executes it on target system.
  • download_execute_and_report payload - downloads a file, executes it, and reports result by email.
  • reverse_backdoor - gives remote control over the system it gets executed on, allows us to
    • Access file system.
    • Execute system commands.
    • Download & upload files
  • keylogger - records key-strikes and sends them to us by email.
  • crawler - discovers hidden paths on a target website.
  • discover_subdomains - discovers subdomains on target website.
  • spider - maps the whole target website and discovers all files, directories and links.
  • guess_login - runs a wordlist attack to guess login information.
  • vulnerability_scanner - scans a target website for weaknesses and produces a report with all findings.

As you build the above you'll learn:

  • Setting up a penetration testing lab to practice hacking safely.
  • Installing Kali Linux and Windows as virtual machines inside ANY operating system.
  • Linux Basics.
  • Linux terminal basics.
  • How networks work.
  • How clients communicate in a network.
  • Address Resolution Protocol - ARP.
  • Network layers.
  • Domain Name System - DNS.
  • Hypertext Transfer Protocol - HTTP.
  • HTTPS.
  • How anti-virus programs work.
  • Sockets.
  • Connecting devices over TCP.
  • Transferring data over TCP.
  • How website work.
  • GET & POST requests.
  • And more!

This course bundle covers the fundamental building blocks of your required skill set - some key items include:

  • Vulnerability Analysis
  • Building and Publishing Security Tools
  • Security Scanning
  • Phishing Protection
  • Web Application Vulnerability Mitigation
  • Password Complexity Analysis
  • Antivirus Evasion Remediation
  • Multi-Factor Authentication
  • Network Traffic Analysis
  • Cloud Security
  • Ethical Hacking
  • Web Reconnaissance
  • Wireless Access Point Protection

We also cover the biggest threats in the information technology world today, including:

  • Botnets
  • Code Exploits
  • Sensitive Data Exposure
  • SQL Injection
  • Social Engineering
  • Cross-Site Scripting
  • Port Scanning
  • and many more!

What is the target audience?

  • Anybody who is interested in learning Python programming
  • Anybody who is interested in learning ethical hacking / penetration testing / cyber security
  • Beginners in the cyber security and/or information technology world
  • Professionals looking to improve their knowledge in using Python for cyber security
  • Beginners in web application security
  • Students curious about security in information technology and its practical applications
  • Cyber security professional switching to Python

Your Instructors

Mashrur Hossain

My name is Zaid Al-Quraishi , I am an ethical hacker, pentester and a computer scientist. I just love hacking and breaking the rules, but don’t get me wrong as I said I am an ethical hacker.

I have a very good experience in ethical hacking. I started making video tutorials since 2009 in an ethical hacking website (iSecuri1ty), I received very good feedback for my tutorials which lead to promoting me as an editor in the website. I also work in the penetration testing team of iSecur1ty.

In 2013 I started teaching my first course online in the training center in iSecur1ty, again this course received amazing feedback for learners, which motivated me to create an English version of this course.

The english course was the most popular and the top paid course in Udemy for almost a year, again the feedback was amazing, therefore I decided to make more courses on ethical hacking, so I released a number of other courses which are doing just as good as that one.

My method of teaching is mostly by example, so I usually start by explaining the theory behind each technique, then I show you how it actually works in a real life situation.

Mashrur Hossain
Mashrur Hossain

Hi, I'm Mashrur, I'm a full-time programming trainer specializing in Web Application Development, Machine Learning and Cyber Security. That's 3; I know, but I love them all. I have been a technology professional for over a decade and have degrees in Computer Science and Economics.

My niche is building comprehensive career focused technology courses for students entering new/complex and challenging fields in today's technology space. This is a nice segway for me, since my real passion is building and tinkering with programming languages. I love everything to do with development and learning about new tools and technologies. My favorite languages are Ruby on Rails and Python, and my favorite tech fields are web app development, cyber security and data-analytics (which is where Ruby on Rails and Python fall into place nicely). I encourage my students to focus on these technologies as well since their potential is immense.

In my past (corporate) life, I worked with Enterprise Software Systems with roles played in analysis, development and management. I led projects using both agile and waterfall methodologies and thus am well versed in the inner workings of the software development and delivery world.

During my time in corporate America, I realized how much I enjoyed training new hires and new team members and helping them succeed. I had dedicated a good amount of time over 7 years on-boarding new analysts and developers and then worked with them to build and maintain systems which put me in a very unique position of knowing what new entrants to a field need to succeed. I strongly believe in focusing on fundamentals and practice; and not in shortcuts or gimmicks.

So join me for my comprehensive career-focused technology courses as I guide you through the world of web application development, machine learning, cyber security and data-analytics using Python, Ruby on Rails, Flask, MySQL, Selenium and Django and bringing your ideas and passions to life.

Mashrur Hossain
Evgeny Rahman

I've been a software professional for over 13 years. I've worked with many different technologies in Fortune 500 companies and startups, delivering lots of successful software systems. My favorite topics are web applications, cyber security, cloud architecture, DevOps, and agile development. I love to keep up on what's new in the technology world and sharing my knowledge and skills with others who want to get into or get better at software, architecture, and information technology!

Kaspars Vilde

Hands down the best course!

I have gone though over 30 courses and none of courses are as engaging, fun and professional as Zaid's course. Course is very practical, very illustrative and the instructor explains everything he teaches in great detail. Code who teaches is not downloaded from internet. He writes it from scratch and explain every step. This is course is a gold mine if you want to learn Python and Ethical hacking. Thanks Zaid for the effort you have put in this course!

Ali Joseph Saleh

Zaid is an excellent teacher who have expertise in the field. He delivers the info and explain it in a VERY clear way. I recommend to take this course and his other courses about cyber-security. He will gets you into programming and writing your own tools instead of relying on others. You will learn a lot from him like I did, and I am still doing it. The bigger picture keeps getting bigger and bigger.... :P

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